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How To Reform a Creeper – or A Woman Has a Right To Her Own Boundries


Stumbling across this article today, I was surprised at how much it’s message resonated with me.  As a female geek there have been many occasions where I’ve found myself in a situation where I did not feel comfortable and yet felt unsure about how to speak up about my own boundaries being crossed.  This article goes right to the heart of it being quick to point out that as a woman I am entitled to how I feel regardless of the reasoning.  It is okay to speak up and say “I’m done here and you need to step back” without being required to re-evaluate and see the other side.  I don’t have to be understanding if I’m feeling threatened.  I have a right to my own feelings.

I was actually a bit surprised to see the book The Gift of Fear referenced here, as it’s one I read roughly 15 years ago and have recommended to many friends.  It goes to the heart of the issue of the Creeper, namely that you need to trust your instincts.  I honestly believe that our instincts are the subconscious logic we all have noticing pieces of information so quickly and quietly that they are processed in the background while we’re going about the rest of our lives.  I believe they are generally a truer reaction to what is going on around us than our conscious mind is capable of since so many are attempting to persuade us one way or another.

I’m rambling at any rate but I found this to be a great read and some food for thought.