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Saw this one today in an article on The Mary Sue which can be found here: Little Girls Engineer Their Own Toys to Take Over The Pink Aisle In This Goldie Blox Ad

For years now when legos and erector sets, chemistry sets and tool sets have been advertised and marketed it is the little boys they’ve targetted with their message.  You are the builders, the makers and the ones who can change the future.  Little girls get fashion and makeup in pink boxes.  Goldie Blox is trying to change that.  They are trying to get the message out that little girls have a lot more to offer the world than just how they look.  We are thinkers and doers and makers.

I’ll admit it – I teared up while watching this.  To all the little girls in my life you need to believe that anything is possible.  You can do and be whomever you want.

This tumblr post was brought to my attention today and I have to say that it is truly beautiful. A touchingly private moment shared between two people in a public space.

“After thanking him I asked him “Besides acting, what are you most proud of that you have done in you life (that you are willing to share with us)?”. Sir Patrick told us about how he couldn’t protect his mother from abuse in his household growing up and so in her name works with an organization called Refuge for safe houses for women and children to escape from abusive house holds. Sir Patrick Stewart learned only last year that his father had actually been suffering from PTSD after he returned from the military and was never properly treated. In his father’s name he works with an organization called Combat Stress to help those soldiers who are suffering from PTSD.”

The video above was linked in a Gawker post about the same interaction.