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Why blame the aggressor when you can blame the victim?

In an effort to protect a boy in elementary school from bullying, the school administration has banned him from carrying his My Little Pony lunchbox to school.

While you can read the story here: School Bans Boy From Wearing My Little Pony Backpack, Claims It’s ‘A Trigger For Bullying’, I’d like to talk about what is inherently wrong with this approach to ending harassment.  Namely, it’s that you have shamed the victim.  The administration here has pointed the finger at Grayson and told him that so long as he adheres to guidelines his bullies prefer, he won’t have any issues.  Why in the hell are we pointing at a child and telling them they have to change reasonable behavior instead of going after the real issue here?  Why aren’t the bullies being punished?  How does it make any sense to have *this* as the response from the administration?

I honestly have no words for my anger and frustration at this particular type of response to violence and my very impotence at expressing myself only escalates this feeling.  I can only imagine how poor Grayson feels.