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I am a geek, and I love being a geek. I’d heard a lot of talk regarding the new Jessica Jones TV show that Netflix had produced and so when I was home sick for a few days I decided to binge watch all 13 episodes. It actually only took the first episode to hook me. I mean, come on – with Carrie Anne Moss and David Tennant I had to give it a shot.

The show has a dark and gritty film noir style to it that’s a bit refreshing. But when I say dark, I mean darker than anything else I’ve ever seen in a TV show with the exception of maybe Dexter. The show definitely pulls no punches and gets right under your skin and worms it’s way into your brain. I love it for two reasons that developed rather quickly:

  1. Strong female characters and people of color dominate this story.  They are all strong in different ways and for different reasons, but they are not for the most part the archetype of the strong female.
  2. Terrifyingly honest depictions of abuse and its aftermath, but not in a “oh you poor victim let me rescue you” sort of a way at all.

We are thrown into Jessica’s world, as she lives it, right now.  As the story develops we start to understand her superpowers, her past, and her problems.  It limits the amount of exposition and allows the viewer to begin feeling the reality of her world very quickly.  She is not a by the book super hero – she makes bad decisions and pushes people away for a variety of reasons.  She does the right thing sometimes, but selfish things a lot of the time.  You don’t necessarily like her.  I appreciate that this is not a bubblegum story where it’s all about falling in love or being rescued.

Tennant does a fantastic job playing a truly reprehensible excuse for a human being.  He makes it very easy to hate him and very hard to look away.  Moss also does a wonderful job of being the unscrupulous lawyer who will do whatever it takes.

The way Jessica’s PTSD is depicted is the truly amazing thing about this story in my opinion.  And the way that her abuser Kilgrave eventually discusses the previous abuse is even more so.  The gaslighting and the attempt to rewrite history so he can view himself as the hero is repulsive but so damned realistic.

In all honesty, I’m not really saying this all very well at all. But do yourself a favor and make the time to try watching it.  And if you want more compelling reasons, try these other articles written about the show: